Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finish What You..... Review

Finish What You.......
  • Right away Eugene starts talking in his usual confusing, big vocabulary style. Olivia though doesn't ask the usual "huh" like other kids have in the past. 
  • Eugene plays the guitar? Well I suppose it wouldn't be too different than the ukulele.
  • Eugene teaching guitar lessons? I think it's going better than his substitute teaching. (The Invisible Dog)
  • Version difference: The disc version includes a scene where Eugene knocks on the Parkers door and is greeted by Mrs. Parker. This extra scene includes the fact that Eugene named his guitar Henrietta.
  • The "I broke a nail" line is kinda  a little weird for an 11 year old.
  • The cubits line, best joke of the episode.
  • The endless list of things sitting around of previous commitments reminds me of......well me....
  • Yet another episode without Katrina?.......Not even a mentioning.......
  • The song played by Eugene and Olivia at the end is pretty good.
  • the wrap up at the end was pretty funny too.
Rating : Humor:3/5
            Action: 3/5
            Total: 3.5/5
Well that's all for now, Be sure to watch for The first part of The Jubilee Singers next week. This is Freddy Jay saying "so lo.......".


    1. Hey, breaking a nail really hurts!

    2. Your 12, not 11. It's funny, I was talking in my review about how that was weird that she said that, even though I, myself, am 11.