Friday, May 7, 2010


The growing community of Odyssey-loving-news-giving-fans-that-give-their-thoughts-on-the-latest-Odyssey news-and-episodes now have an Official group name, (and thankfully it's shorter than that)  and it's called...

The OBC (Odyssey Blogging Community) now has 9 members right now.  If you have an Odyssey blog and aren't in it yet, you are welcome to join.

The Jubilee Singers Part 1 airs tomorrow, you won't want to miss it.

That's all for now, This is Freddy Jay signing off.


  1. I think we're out of fan blogs. Unless The Unofficial Podcast and the Whit's End Podcast want to join. Also, I like the animated GIF you made.

  2. Thanks. I was playing around with something new for my sig on CC. That was what I came up with and it worked well here too.

  3. I fixed the white line problem on your logo. Here's a link to the fixed logo:

  4. You haven't posted in awhile, and I'm missing updates.