Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!...

This past week I have been really busy with various things. Cramming in last minute school work, a youth retreat thing, (was gone from Wednesday till yesterday). So now I am finally posting and catching up on everything I missed while I was gone, just in case you missed it on one of the other blogs/sites.This week was a busy week in the AIO world as well.

So first off, I'll start with some news that pertains to Odyssey. The first Family fun panel video is up. And it has to do with Album 51. It's about making a Wod-fam-choc-sod. The ingredients are also found in the insert included with album 51. It looks so good, I may have to try my hand at making one. Also if you complete it, you have the option of buying a collectors button. You can watch the clip here.  I can't wait to see what other Family panels are in store. What a great idea.

To infinity and beyond. One small step for man, one large step for Odyssey fandom kind. That's right, a huge Odyssey fan Col. Virts took a copy of the AIO episode "For God and Country" into space with him. To read more about this, you can check out The Odyssey Scoop, or this site.

The episodes The Jubilee Singers Parts 1 and 2 are currently online. This three part episode is one you definitely won't want to miss out on. It is an awesome episode with great music and an awesome story. Like most of the other blogs... my review will come after the last part airs. You can listen here.

Before I get into news about other blogs I'm gonna do a quick recap of the info we know about the upcoming fall season, album 52 Cause and Effect.

  • The album is planned for a release in October of 2010.
  • Mrs. Randolph will be returning.
  • The Parker family gets a new babysitter.
  • Emily Jones solves another case.
  • Matthew Parker invents a new Imagination Station program.
  • Dave Arnold will continue his position of being executive producer.
  • There will be a Christmas and a Thanksgiving episode.
  • At least one two-part episode will be included.
  • Some episodes will have sound design by Jonathan Crowe.
  • Nathan Hoobler is directing an episode written by Marshal Younger and Paul McCusker.
  • It was announced that the AIO team is working on more Kidsboro episodes for the spring 2010 season. These episodes did not appear in album 51, so it can be assumed that at least two episodes in album 52 will involve Kidsboro.(At least we hope so.)
  • Three episode titles, Fast As I Can, Stage Fright, and An Agreeable Nanny.  This info found on Aiowiki.

The Heart of Odyssey has their third and fourth heartcasts up.Which includes interviews with Kevin and Loren (from the Ceiling Fan, A.K.A. another really cool podcast.) and reviews of some episodes as well. They kinda get border line offensive sometimes, but it's alright. Be sure to check it out if you want.

The Odyssey Way now has a new page. This page is the awards page where you can vote for different categories such as Best episode, best new comer and more. Check it out here.

Also be sure to check out the latest AIO Blogcast. In this blogcast Tasha and Austin review more episodes and talk about various things. Be sure to check it out.

I'm thinking that's about it. I have some Odyssey connections in mind, but will save them for later because this post is getting really long. (I hope I remember...) Anyway this is Freddy Jay saying "Now my fingers hurt."

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