Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ceiling Fan Contest and Other News

Hey do you like Adventures in Odyssey? Would you like the chance to win numerous cool Odyssey prizes? If so, then head over, and check out the Ceiling Fan's latest fan hijack contest, by clicking here.

 It seems another fan blog has joined the ranks. This one is done by our very own Camilla Parker. It has posts written from her perspective. So far it is really good. If you want to check it out, click here.
There are some blogs from other Odyssey characters, but most of them haven't been updated for a while. If you would like to check them out here are some of them. The most up to date one being Mandy's blog.
Mandy's Blog - Rodney Rathbone's Blog - Rusty Gordon's Blog   - Bart Rathbone's Electric Palace - The Secret Witness

Also, Audry (AIO Insanity) is getting close to her 100th post, to celebrate she plans on having a podcast. Can't wait to see what it sounds like.

Odyssey Connection: When I was younger I loved baseball. I started with t-ball. I was decent, and if I remember right, I even hit a grand slam. But that was t-ball. Once I moved up into baseball, things weren't quite so easy. I wasn't good at baseball, kinda like Davey Holcomb in Whit's Flop. I'd often strike out, drop pop flies, but I did have a good arm. Anyway like Davey learned, everyone has their own talent. Mine is definitely not baseball, although I do play it for fun every now and then. I later learned what my talents are. They include: playing the trumpet, singing, and boy scouts. Davey got discouraged and thought he wasn't good at anything. He later helped Whit invent a pizza oven from the old photo copier, and that oven is still in Whit's End to this day, as far as we know.

That about wraps things up for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "Don't be afraid to comment. We bloggers like fan input."


  1. Thanks for the Odyssey connection. I was starting to miss them.

  2. Your welcome, I suppose it had been a while. I'm doing an Odyssey run through from start to album 51, mainly for fun, but I'm sure I'll find inspiration for more Odyssey connections along the way. :)