Friday, April 30, 2010

Some news

Right now the wind is blowing like crazy. So much that I don't think a kite would be able to stay up in it.

I found a new news item on AIO wiki. This is what it says on the AIO wiki homepage under news.(In the mist of the other news)   

"There is a new sampler album coming out in February 2011 called Mystery, it will feature the Jones and Parker Detecive agency, we don't know what episodes will be included yet but when we do, we'll let you know" 

That sounds great! 

Also don't forget, An upcoming Official podcast will feature a Q and A with the actors behind the Parker Family, if you want to submit a question leave it in their comments here

Tomorrow "Finish What You....." airs. Whoot!
In other news, Audry from AIO Insanity commented on my last post saying.

"You're right, our little blogger community is getting pretty big! Let's see: AIO Insanity, Campbell County Connection, the AIO fan's life, the Odyssey Way, The Voice of Odyssey and now the Heart of Odyssey! We need a nickname for the not-so-little community! It takes forever to list them all out!"

The list is pretty long, along with the previously mentioned, There's also  Adventures in Odyssey Blog,  The Odyssey Owl, The Whit's End Podcast,    The Odyssey Times, and The Unofficial AIO Podcast. 
So I definitely agree that it takes forever to list them all. I thought maybe The OBC (The Odyssey Blogger community/or committee)...Do you have any suggestions for the "growing community of Odyssey-loving-news-giving-fans-that-give-their-thoughts-on the latest Odyssey news/-and-episodes? Comment here, or on The Odyssey Way.

I think I may have had more to say......but it's storming now... so I think I'm gonna end quickly. This is Freddy Jay saying "It's raining it's pouring the ol man is snoring......."

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  1. :) people are taking my comment pretty seriously! I like your suggestion. C'mon people! More ideas!