Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Scoop's surprise was....!

The Odyssey Scoop's surprise was released Yesterday, as promised, and it was worth waiting for. They call it The Guide to Odyssey. It's definitely a great addition to the site. He took the different AIO Official Podcasts and chopped them up, and paired them with questions. You can check it out yourself by on the Odyssey Scoop.

As you can see I changed the toolbar again...You can help me decide which one should stay by voting in the poll located on the tool bar.(This one is Skysa, the one I originally had then switched to can't decide....) This one has a couple of different options I/you can use. So try it out and then vote on which one you think should stay.

Odyssey Connection: Today I listened to the episode "Go Ye Therefore". In this episode Connie tries to use a book for a guide to sharing her faith, and has several failed attempts. (Passing pamphlets out in the park, putting pamphlets into books at bookstore, covering her mother's car with bumper stickers.)After those she tries being bold in school, with the result of getting made fun of. I can totally relate to Connie in this episode. Witnessing to others isn't really that easy. A while back I went to a retreat called Dare2Share. It was a retreat where they trained you to witness then the next day you went door to door asking for canned foods and then witnessed to people. It was a new experience, and it got me out of my comfort zone. Also these retreats inspired me to get out and try to express my faith more, and make an impact to my peers. I can't say that I have been real successful...but I can say that I won't give up.

That's all for now, This is Freddy Jay singing "Tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya tomorrow, it's only a day away."

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