Saturday, April 17, 2010

When You're Right, You're Right Review

When You're Right, You're Right.

  • In this episode we hear more of Barrett and Emily.
  • We have a brass player in Odyssey now. Barrett's playing was good. Although it's not a trumpet, I still really like it.
  • Barrett's song is kinda rough, but entertaining none the less.
  • Emily's line, (No offense Matthew, but you're a boy. You wouldn't know what a girl wants........Yes! In case you haven't noticed. I'm a girl!) made me think of Connie.
  • The technology mentioned in this episode. Matthew being able to create a card like that sounds really cool.
  • We learn more about Emily's character. She seems to have a take charge attitude. 
  • I can see the Jones' family competing against the Parker family for being replacement for the Barclays. The Emily/Barrett, brother/sister chemistry is pretty good.Same for the Parker siblings.
  • Matthew has been in every episode so far this season. I think they could have had more balance with the character selection. But I do like Matthew. So I guess I won't complain too much.
Conclusion: I give this episode 4/5.

If I think of anything else may add more later.....
Anyway, This is Freddy Jay saying "So long."


  1. That line made you think of Connie? I kinda agree. I liked how Matthew compared her to his great aunt.

  2. Well Connie and Eugene have a similar conversation., Yeah that part was funny, too.

    Connie:You're a boy, which naturally means you don't know the first thing about girls. I'm a girl, which...
    Eugene: Which naturally means you know everything there is to know about boys and girls.
    Connie: Right.

  3. Oh that quote was from "Naturally, I Assumed", by the way.

  4. Oh, yeah! Now I get the resemblance. Maybe that was on purpose. Matthew is kind of like a young, less robotic Eugene.