Saturday, April 10, 2010

For the Birds Review

Here are some general thoughts.
  • Eugene gets attacked by a dove? Comical, but realistic? I'm not so sure.
  • The part where the family is discussing why pets is a bad combination for them is pretty funny. I don't really like Matthew's line "They had a suicide pact." Referring to the fish.
  • Wooton's part(s) in this episode were great. Quote: Matthew: Hey maybe Wooton knows
    Wooton: Wow! Well I never did before, but there's a first time for everything. What is it?.
  • This episode gives a little more about the Parkers. 
  • I like that this episode doesn't have the expected ending. The baby bird doesn't make it. Also Camilla doesn't get a dog, even though she proved how responsible she is.
  • We hear the explanation behind the cover of the album. 
  • Camilla's scream when she sees Eugene's shaved head, priceless.
 Conclusion: This episode has a good funny side to it. It was good to here more of the Parker family's personality. The theme was good too. Although it seemed to hit several;curses, responsibility, prayer. The theme that they hit the most in a way, and the one I like, is that even if you pray for something, it doesn't guarantee it's gonna happen. Also I liked how they had a serious moment, and then it ended with a funny one. I give this episode 4/5

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