Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Nutty News

The Odyssey Scoop has another surprise for us coming soon. What is it? We still don't know. James the Intern of the Ceiling Fan is looking into it. We have some hints given to us by Jacob. You can read them on the Odyssey Scoop. One of his hints include.

"Okay, here's one more clue: It has something to do with "Adventures in Odyssey." Oh, and by the way, it will be posted on the website credited on page 200 of "The Official Guide."

At first I thought this was a major clue. I thought maybe it's gonna go on the Where Odyssey is not page, or maybe he discovered the thing we've all longed for, he found the location of Odyssey. But the way he worded it, it really doesn't tell us anything we don't already know. It will be on the Odyssey Scoop. His latest hint involves something to do with the pic of the squirrel from album 17's cover you can read more on the clue at the scoop. One person theorized that Jacob is making a site for squirrels or a special section. Whether that is the plan or not, Original Joe of the Odyssey Way, has begun a very intriguing and funny project. He calls it the Odyssey Squirrel. I can't wait to see more.

Odyssey Connection: All this talk about squirrels reminds me of a quote from Odyssey. 
"Hey Rodney, Why don't you pick on someone your own IQ , Oh wait you did a squirrel."-Grady
(Something similar to that anyway.)
I had another, only it has to do with an  episode in album 51 that hasn't aired yet, and I'd hate to spoil anything for those who haven't heard them all yet.... Maybe I can remember it for the day after it airs....
This is Freddy Jay saying "Nuts sound good about now...."

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