Saturday, April 3, 2010

Target of the Week Review

I'm Listening again as I'm typing this.

Yeah, more nelson. This episode introduces Vance King. At first he sounds like a big bully. Kinda like a Rodney but with a twist, not quite as mean or tough.
A Wooton episode! Yes! Wooton as a baseball commentator? Excellant, reminds me of when Lawrence tried. He made things interesting in the game play.

Vance now sounds more of a prankster than a bully. Somewhat harmless.

I couldn't help thinking of The Winning Edge and The Defining Moment. These two are also baseball episodes.
I like baseball. A Player on the coyotes named Mcgwire? Funny.

When Vance dropped the ball that reminded me of my own experience on the field as a little league player......course then again my glove wasn't tampered with...

Matt's confession was an admirable one, and definitely a hard thing to do. Great speech by Kent.

This episode was pretty good. I liked this one a lot, and not just because baseball is my favorite sport. Vance wasn't the big bad bully I thought he was going to be. I wonder how much we're gonna see Vance in future episodes? The baseball game scene with Wooton helping Whit with the announcing was a nice touch. Chris's wrap up was good too. I think the theme was a good one to remember as well. This one is one of those that keeps you interested even though it doesn't have a lot of action and spies and stuff like that. I give this one a 5/5.


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