Thursday, April 1, 2010


You know, maybe blogging about AIO isn't my thing, my style....I mean there's a ton of others out there, why not let them do that and I'll come up with something else. Maybe I'll relocate and do something called the Photographers Life. Or Keychain Insanity. Or maybe even The Trumpet Way. I don't think I am needed as an AIO reporter any longer. I hope you enjoyed my posts thus far and if you want the latest news there's always The AIO Fan's Life, The Odyssey Way and AIO Insanity. 
And there's several others on the links page.
I guess that's all forever. This is Freddy Jay saying, " Can't wait to get started on my new blog. Catch ya later."

Oh one more thing. Here is a final tribute to Odyssey. Click here.


  1. Tsk. Tsk. You guys never fooled me. I hate this day.

  2. Oh, really, you're stepping down? Okay. Sorry if my blog took away too many of your followers. It must just be better or something. Again, I'm reeeally sorry if me starting up my own blog was what tore yours down. Hopefully there's no hard feelings. Sorry. :|

  3. I think it was a decision in the making. Others started up recently also. Sorry Audry.....I just now saw yours.....Happy April Fools Day!