Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It seems this week is full of surprises. First my album 51 coming yesterday. Now it looks like the AIO blog has some sort of surprise up their sleeve to reveal to us tomorrow. On the Official AIO site, there will soon be a new video page of some sort. Also the Odyssey Scoop has a surprise waiting to appear for us as well, sometime this week.  I like surprises, I just don't like the process of waiting to be surprised. What could they be? Well like Marvin from the AIO Fan's Life says "The best way to find out is to wait and see." Or something like that. Oh one more thing. The AIO team has started recording album 52. Whoot! No sign of a Title as of yet. But for a recap of things we do know about album 52 so far, check out The AIO Fan's Life.

This is Freddy Jay, signing off.

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  1. I say, "My motto is: Wait and see." So you were right!