Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More New Episode Summaries

They have revealed episode summaries for the next four episodes in album 51. The first four summaries were released awhile back, if you haven't read them, you can find them in this post.

Target of the Week
Theme: The folly of revenge

Summary: Matthew is Vance King's "Target of the Week" – which means certain humiliation at the hands of the bully! Matthew decides to take matters into his own hands by getting revenge on Vance during an Odyssey Coyotes baseball game.
For the Birds
Summary: Camilla Parker desperately wants a pet, but her family seems to suffer from the "Parker Family Pet Curse." To prove her responsibility, Camilla takes care of a baby blue jay. Meanwhile, Eugene has his own run-in with some feathered foes – which leads to drastic action!

When You're Right, You're Right
Emily Jones is usually right about everything from solving mysteries to cooking chili. But when she decides to try her hand at matchmaking for her brother Barrett, the singing card she creates may have disastrous consequences. Will Emily have to face a situation where she could be...wrong?
Grandma's Visit 
Theme: The
importance of family
Summary: The Parker family is in for a bumpy ride. It all starts when their grandmother (or Abuelita) comes to tell them that their Aunt Rosalita has decide to their house! Then relative after relative arrives to stay with the family. Where will the chaos end?

For the Birds sounds interesting to me. It sounds like Eugene is having some sort of trouble with some birds so it leads to "drastic action". Could this drastic action be the explanation for the front cover?
Summaries are good, but it pales to the real thing. I can't wait. What about you? What do you think of the upcoming episodes? You can drop a comment and let me know.

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