Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Inspiration Station Part 2

First I'm gonna point out something else on part 1. Towards the end, Eugene, Connie, and Whit are around the Inspiration Station. Then we hear a train-like whistle and Eugene says there's someone at the door. My first thought was that they removed the bell, but in the second part we hear the bell when Eva comes in. So maybe it's a device that alerts them when they are upstairs. Also the security alarm with Eugene's voice was kinda cool.

My Thoughts on Inspiration Station Part 2

The opening scene was very intense. It seemed like something very bad was going to happen.

The conversation with Connie about her experiance in the Inspiration station seemed really heavy..

Mortimer is a very interesting character, and we can assume that he is the person Connie was referring to in Part 1.Is he going to be a one time only character? Or are they gonna somehow bring it back in other episodes..? "That lead to...which lead to..which lead to this and that and there we are!"

We learn of Whits "town clock mistake. "

My favorite part of the whole episode is with the clips of the different people saying how Connie inspires them. Congrats to all the people who made it in, including Audry from AIO Insanity, to find out what she said, click here.

Over all this two part episode was pretty good. I give it a 4/5. It was great, can't wait to hear the rest of the season.

I thought I had an Odyssey connection today...but it seems I forgot guess that's all for now this is Freddy Jay saying "catch ya later."

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