Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why does snail mail have to be so slow?

So this past Friday I ordered album 51 along with four other albums (which means when they come in I will have the full collection Yes! Well until album 52 comes out.) Unfortunately album 51 won't ship until April 7...but I will have the other four to keep me busy until then. Once I get them...It just seems like it's taking forever. I think I have selective patience. I am patient when it comes to certain things, but Odyssey nope. No patience. 

Recently a new blogger has decided to jump into the blogging community fun. He is known as Christian A. on the Odyssey Scoop and maybe other places as well. He calls it The Voice of Odyssey. He plans on sharing Odyssey news and maybe other things also. So check it out.

"Game for a Mystery" airs in three days. I can't wait. I really like the mystery episodes, I try to figure them out before the characters do. It's always fun.

Odyssey Connection: At church Sunday we had a visitor in our Sunday school class. He was the type that had a contradictory comment for a bunch of things. I kinda liked it. He spun questions into the discussion rather than just listening to a lesson. Then I began thinking. I was thinking that this kind of character would be an interesting thing for Odyssey. An atheist or agnostic type character that liked to argue with some of the other characters, like Whit, Connie, Matthew Parker, or others.

I think That's all for tonight, This is Freddy Jay saying "bye."


  1. What would they name a character like that? Kenny Contestable? Arnold Arguer? Derek Disputable? I don't know.

  2. Those names would work as nick names.