Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yes!! Finally!

The new season finally aired today after what seems like forever since we heard a new episode. If you haven`t heard it yet you can check it out on the official website. I don't have feedback on it yet cause I haven't heard it yet. But I will shortly.

(I am experimenting and making this post from my dsi, so i can't provide a link to it now.)

Odyssey Connection: So today I competed in a bowling competition. While I was bowling I thought of the episode where Connie bowled with Mitch. She was too distracted with talking to Mitch that she bowled 3 strikes in the wrong lane. I needed Connie bowling for me today. We bowled three games. My average was 99.
I think that's all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "Time for Adventures in Odyssey"


  1. If you can't listen to the new episode on, go to . You can listen to it there.

  2. My bowling average is 19 or something....

  3. Thanks for the link Joe.

    I did alright, but there was one person who got 181 one game. I could never do that good. My highest ever is 151..