Saturday, March 27, 2010

Game For a Mystery Review

First as you can tell I'm once again experimenting with new things. One of which is the new logo which came from Original Joe from Odyssey Way Thanks again. I will also have a poll on the side with a trivia question. After a week or so (or shorter, if I change my mind...)I will have the answer and a quote under the next poll.

 Onto Game for a Mystery.
Here's my thoughts on this episode

First we meet Emily Jones and Barret Jones-new characters
Introduces Verminoids game Barret likes playing. I like Barret and Emily's Dad. Great dad humor.
Barret has an interesting imagination. Kinda like Jared, except his is probably more sue to playing video games. Quick to assume..
Matthew talks a little like Eugene. Seems more and more like a kid Eugene.
Emily is very interesting. Observes the minor details. Good at making deductions.
Very interesting mystery.
Nelson from the Kidsborro series is also in this episode.
This portable verminoids game sounds very updated. Register online, etc. We see more of Matthew's technological smarts side.

This episode is good. It reminds me of another episode called The Bad Hair Day. In that episode a comic book and a pocket knife are missing. They look into it, and Rodney and his gang thinks its Charles that took it. It turns out it was a raccoon. I think it's interesting that they included a raccoon in this one, only to have that option turned down due to deductive reasoning on Emily's part. The end of it was somewhat unexpected. I never would have guessed the culprit. Too bad the game ended up getting ran over...Great mystery episode, maybe not action packed, but intriguing none the less. I'm really liking Matthew. His sense of knowledge, and sometimes big words. More and more like a young Eugene.
I liked it. All in all, I give it a 4/5

 Here's a review from Campbell County.
Nate Maxwell  says

I think the relationship between Emily and Matthew can almost be described as flirting which is why I somewhat disliked it. Nelson's Cameo in a non Kidsboro episode was pretty sweet. Garret seems like a nerdy Jimmy Barclay which makes me happy. I also liked how Chris had us look in Proverbs, She hasnt given us an assignment in awhile! All in All I think the episode will be a stepping stone for many more fun adventures with the Jones and Parker Detective Agency. It was OK so I give it Three Stars ***

That's all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "Can't wait for more."

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