Thursday, March 25, 2010

Harlow and Magician

On the Odyssey Way, Original Joe posted a pic of Harlow Doyle P.I., the first done by Gary Locke. It first appeared in Clubhouse magazine. To see the picture, you can visit Odyssey Way. While I'm talking about it. On Odyssey Way, not only can you find Odyssey news, but there are also interestingly creative pictures there as well. Like Brock the CIA agent and...well you'll see what I'm talking about when you go there.

Odyssey Connection: On Thursdays, I help at a thing called Kids Club. Basically it's a thing for kids where they learn things about the bible. Kinda like VBS (vacation bible school), but only once a week and during the school year. Today was the last session Until May, so we had a special guest, a magician. It was pretty interesting. When I first heard that there was a magician coming I almost automatically thought of  Solly Mendelson and Irving Greenfarb.They were great magicians. This guy was pretty good too. Part of the fun (when you're not a kid) is trying to figure out how it was done. Also related to this topic, I received an amazing clip through an email of a magic performance that was done on America's got talent . It is really amazing. You can watch it on youtube here. Be warned. It is weird, odd, cool, awesome, maybe not for the weak hearted, and maybe a little disturbing....but in an awesomely cool way, if that makes sense..(It will make more sense if you watch)This really puzzles me...but I guess that's the purpose of illusions.

I suppose that's all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying, "I just can't get over how that was done....."


  1. That is the most amazing magic trick that I have ever seen. Nothing else even comes close. I, like you, was trying the whole time to figure out how he was doing it. That was insane. I cannot figure it out. If anyone knows, PLEASE tell me. I cannot get over how insane that was. Wow.

  2. FreddyJay, go to

    and tell me what you think.

  3. That's great! I really like it. I may change it to that tomorrow, if of course that is why you made it. Thanks.