Thursday, March 18, 2010


On the Clubhouse magazine site, they have a Wooton's Ramblings page. These blog entries are done by Wooton, and have interesting pics seen below.

Each pic in this post has a different Wooton's Rambling to go with it, they are kinda fun to read.  Can't wait for more. One thing that one of them mentions is that Wooton's middle name starts with Z. What could it be? Zenith? Zane? Hmmmmm....

Only a couple days till the next episode clutter airs.WHOOO!

Odyssey Connection: Today in band, someone said "Don't think negatively", and then I piped in "Yeah think positively." Mimicking the way they said it in the episode "Happy Smilers". No one else really understood my inside Odyssey joke... Then of course the Happy Smiler theme song was stuck in my head.....It did kinda brighten the rest of day though.
Well that's all for now, This is Freddy Jay saying " Happy Happy Happy why we are we so happy?..........."


  1. FreddyJay, you've done this a couple of times, but it's not "Playhouse" Magazine, it's "Clubhouse" Magazine. I think Wooton's middle name is Zane. It definitely describes him.

  2. Thanks for telling me, I don't know why I keep mixing up the two.....hopefully I remember in the future