Friday, March 12, 2010

More Clues!

Brock has left us more clues for us pertaining to the future of Odyssey. Today Brock put on his blog the following comment and picture.

"A great way to create buzz is to give some clues, so can any of you theorize about upcoming or current albums? Some will matter in 51, and some in 52, and maybe even 53. But I can’t tell you everything. So I’d hold onto this image for several albums… Let me know as you hear about and recognize the clues I have hidden. Oh and yes feel free to share the image."

It's interesting...very interesting indeed...I can assume that the bird pictures have to do with the the episode "For the Birds". Then there's parts of a script. Some things in Spanish. A black rose....puzzling.Some on the ToO have thoughts about it here.

Only a few more hours till Part Two of the Inspiration Station Whoot!

Odyssey Connection: At youth group yesterday I was talking with a friend. We soon got on the subject of teachers and authority, and the respect they deserve. He said that the respect should be earned. I kinda disagree. Yes generally respect should be earned, but a teacher kinda should get automatic respect since that is his/her title.  Therefore even if a teacher makes a mistake he/she should not be talked at in a rude manner. Like Trent learned in the episode 'Think on These Things" when he used the imagination Station to get back at Mr. Hawthorne, it's better to respect teachers and not talk back to them.

That's all for now, this is Freddy Jay saying "What are the mysteries that lay behind the clues?"


  1. Very cool! This is Brock. Are you on my email list to receive, fan site updates?


  2. No I don't think I email is -Freddy Jay