Sunday, March 28, 2010

Winter Jam

The 54th podcast on The Whits end Podcast is up. Check it out as Regis Blackbeard gives his reviews and reads reviews from other fans of The Inspiration Station part 2, Clutter, and Game for a Mystery.

 Odyssey Connection: Yesterday I went to Winter Jam. It's a concert where a bunch of different bands play and it was loud. We were really close to the stage. One thing I found entertaining was the fact that when people try to talk to you during a concert all I see is lips moving. No sound makes it to my ears at all. Anyway, at one point in the concert they brought out these ginormous balloons for the audience to hit around. The funny thing was that once they were hit it took way longer than I figured for them to come down. So I'd go to hit one, and my timing would be way off. It reminded me of slow motion scenes in Odyssey. The time in Snow Day when they are running to Grandmas house and they are almost there, or the time when Trent is about to give his speech in Called on in class. Slow motion is so weird but it adds dramatic effect.

That's all for now. "This is Freddy Jay saying I'm not gonna be able to catch back up on my sleep now.....good night!"


  1. Wow. You really got to see all of those bands? How much did you have to pay? Those guys are among my all-time favorite groups: Third Day, tobyMac, KJ-52, Newsboys, Sidewalk Prophets, mikeschair, Newsong, Tenth Avenue North. WOW. Where was the concert?

  2. It was only $10 dollars at the door. This one was in Illinois. They are touring the country though.