Tuesday, March 9, 2010

5 hours of playing and now my lips feel like jello

To see a sneak peak of what the new cover for album five may look like(still in draft process),Check out  Odyssey Way, or The Odyssey Times.

On Odyssey Times, you can vote on what the New logo for it could be, don't miss out.

Odyssey Connection: Today I participated in a band thing we call Band festival. It's where people from different bands from schools in the area come together to play as one big band. We started at 1 o'clock and practiced till quarter till six. (So a little over five hours.) Then we played the five songs that we practiced as a concert for the parents and people that came. It was really fun playing with a HUGE band for a change. There was lower instruments, something my band doesn't have. Also I found out that there are four different kinds of saxophones, and saw a funny looking instrument that I think was a bassoon. At one point I thought of Wooton. How he can play Camp town Races on a lot of different instruments. Saxophone, organ, banjo...maybe more I can't think of any others at the moment. I don't think we've heard him play it on the trumpet though...maybe that's the one instrument he can't play. I can almost picture Wooton attempting to play the trumpet, but not being able to buzz right...but then again maybe he just hasn't had the opportunity to play one yet.

 This is Freddy Jay saying  "It's that late?.....Time to hit the hay."

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