Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grandma's Visit Review

It's still raining.................and thunder storming and my dog was going crazy earlier....and now for my review of Grandma's Visit

  • What a surprise. You'd think that someone from the family that was visiting for the wedding would have called to say that they were coming wouldn't you?And then that would spoil the surprise...
  • I like the Spanish incorporated into this episode. 
  • Great music.
  • Lot's of humorous lines, and great quotes.
  • Aunt Rosalita seems like a soap opera character...(Someone on CC said this too.)
  • I was glad that Eva stood up to her mother.
Conclusion: Overall this is a fantastic episode. It's really, funny. It's up there with my favorite for the album. Course I'll save that for later. Rating: 5/5

This is Freddy Jay saying "It's still raining.......?"


  1. Yay! It stopped raining here! Now it's just cloudy. Groovy review!

  2. How did you make a different quote appear each time you load the page here?

  3. I found this site.