Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lights Out

 For some info on the upcoming Album 52 fall season you can go to aio wiki. It's not much...but maybe we'll have more to go on later.
On the Ceiling Fan Podcast theres a new feature called James the intern. What is that mysterious email? Very intriguing. Can't wait to here more.

Odyssey Connection: Today I listened to Lights Out at Whits End, even though it's not in an album anymore, you can find a link to listen free online on AIO wiki, here --->  Lights Out at Whits End.  This episode is very entertaining,  the ending has Tom and Whit rapping. That part made me laugh so hard. I don't think I could do much better though...This episode reminded me of times when the power went out here when I was younger. Since the TV was out we would sing songs/improvise words to songs to make the time go by. For example: We took the veggietales song "God is Bigger than the Boogey Man" and we came up with "God is Bigger than the Tornadoes."  Which sounded like...
God is bigger than the Tornadoes, He's bigger than the mudslides and the twisters on TV. Oh God is bigger than the tornadoes and he's watching out for you and me.(It seems kinda lame now...but at the time it was fun...)
What kinda things do you do/used to do when the lights go (went) out? Let me know in the comments.

That's all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "Great now that song is stuck in my head....."

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